NGC | PMG – Third Party Grading

NGC | PMG – Third Party Grading

  • About NGC and PMG
  • Why grade your coins/banknotes?
  • NGC and PMG Submission Tiers and Fees
  • 2024 Shipping Dates
  • Submission Process
  • Disclaimer

About NGC and PMG

Since 1987, NGC has graded more than 55 million coins, each one backed by the industry-leading NGC Guarantee. The establishment of PMG followed the incredible impact that third-party grading had on the coin collecting hobby. With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, PMG is the world’s largest third-party paper money grading service with more than 8,000,000 notes certified.

NGC’s team of more than 30 full-time professional coin graders, and with PMG’s more than 20 full-time note graders, you are to be rest assured that your numismatics investments are graded by some of the most experienced and trusted experts in the world.

NGC and PMG also offer a large range of extra resources including NGC Coin Explorer, a comprehensive online encyclopedia; NGC Census and PMG Population Report, a census of all coins and banknotes ever graded by NGC and PMG; and the unique NGC Registry and PMG Registry, where collectors can showcase their collections and interact and compete with other serious collectors.

Why grade your coins and banknotes?

When you have your numismatic investments certified, authenticated, attributed and graded by a third party service provider, you can rest assured knowing that only the best in the business have made such assessment. Each expert works independently in a controlled environment that provides optimum conditions for studying the characteristics and physical condition of each coin/banknote. A series of graders enters independent determinations in a computer database until a consensus is reached and the final grade is assigned.

They are stored (encapsulated) in special sealed PVC free plastic cases that display their grade and other relevant information. The certification process provides accurate information for the purposes of valuation, trade-ability and security. This protects the coin/banknote from fingerprints, environmental contaminants and other damage whilst still allowing it to be viewed.

With the amount of counterfeit coins and banknotes available around the world, it is important to guarantee the authenticity of your coins and banknotes with a third party grader.

The condition of a coin or banknote is described on a scale of 1 – 70, with 1 being the lowest quality and 70 being perfect. This will also be accompanied by a textual description of its condition and any imperfections (if any), wear and/or damage. If a coin/banknote has been damaged, cleaned repaired etc, a numerical grade may not be given.

NGC and PMG Submission Tiers and Fees

Please see below for our current price list effective January 2024.

Please note that although we try to keep up to date with current exchange rates and shipping costs, prices may change and without notice.

Modern (1965 to date)$500$38.00
Economy (non-gold)$500$44.00
Gold | Ancient$4,500$64.00
Express | Error$16,500$130.00
Bulk (min 100 coins, same tier)$500POA
Submission Fee (per tier)$20.00
Shipping Fee$26.50
Prices current as of January 2024
Modern (1957 to date)$500$44.00
Submission Fee (per tier)$20.00
Shipping Fee$26.50
Prices current as of January 2024
Photo Vision – imaging$14.00
Oversized Holder$35.00
First Strike$26.00
Variety Attributes$32.00
Mint Error$35.00
Conservation4% FMV (fair market value)
Return International Transit Insurance4% of declared value
Prices current as of January 2024

2024 Shipping Dates

To streamline our processing procedures, we have decided to have dedicated ‘ship dates’ for 2024. Please see chart below for delivery deadline and shipping dates for 2024.

All deliveries are to be sent to – PO Box 302, Moonah TAS 7009.

February 23rd, 2024March 4th, 2024
May 10th, 2024May 20th, 2024
August 2nd, 2024August 12th, 2024
November 15th, 2024November 25th, 2024
2024 Shipping Schedule

Submission Process

  • Choose carefully the coins/banknotes you wish for grading, keeping in mind that NGC/PMG will not give a numerical grade to coins/banknotes which have been damaged, environmentally or otherwise, cleaned or altered surface. A full list of reasons including explanations can be found at NGC here.
  • Place coins carefully (using cotton gloves) individually into 2 ½ x 2 ½ Mylar flips.
Coins individually placed in flips.
  • Stack Mylar flips in bundles of 10 coins and secure with rubber band. Please do not use tape or similar. Sending coins any other way may result in extra charges.
Flips bundled in stack
  • Wrap bundles securely in bubble wrap or similar ready for postage.
  • Banknotes can be packaged similarly in banknote sleeves and placed between two sheets of appropriately sized cardboard for protection. Please also refrain from using tape or similar as this can cause damage whilst trying to remove.
  • Coins and banknotes for grading can be sent securely (via signed delivery) to our post office box.
    • PO Box 302, Moonah TAS 7009
    • Please add all of your contact details, including phone and email, as we will need this to let you know once they have been received.
  • Once received, we will process them in time for our next shipping date. You will receive an email outlining your coins/banknotes for grading. We will also ask you to confirm important details such as service provider, value and optional extra requirements. Once confirmation has been received, your coins/notes are ready to be shipped.
  • NGC/PMG can take anywhere from 8 to 24 weeks to complete the grading process. An updated guide as to their current turn around times can be found on their website.
  • We will contact and invoice you upon your coins’ return. Once payment has cleared, your coins/banknotes will be returned to your nominated shipping address.


  • All services, prices and fees listed herein are subject to change and without notice.
  • Tasmanian Numismatics will not be held liable for coins/banknotes which are deemed ‘ungradeable’ by the service provider and not given a numerical grade. A full list of reasons as to why coins/banknotes are deemed ungradeable can be found at their website, NGC or PMG.
  • Whilst all due care is taken, Tasmanian Numismatics will not be held liable for coins or banknotes which are lost or damaged whilst in transit.