1856 Sydney Mint Gold Sovereign SS Central America Shipwreck PCGS AU58


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One of the finest 1856 Sydney Mint Sovereigns offered to date with great historical providence.

During a trip from Panama to New York City in 1857, the SS Central America, popularly referred to as the “Ship of Gold,” met an unfortunate end.

The ship, which carried a large load of gold, from California, sunk more than 7,000 feet below the surface after being caught in a strong hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas, killing hundreds of people.

The wreck went undiscovered for more than a century until Tommy Thompson and his team discovered it in 1988 using the Bayesian search theory and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). During the salvage effort, a significant cache of gold coins, bars, and artefacts were found that provided important insights into 19th-century maritime trade and the personal narratives behind the tragedy.

As a testament to resiliency and the enduring appeal of lost treasures, the SS Central America’s legacy lives on today with this exquisite 1856 Sydney Mint Sovereign.

A superb example of Australia’s second sovereign date and certainly looks better than aUnc with Proof Lustre. Having been lost in 1857, this 1856 Sovereign had only been in light circulation for around a year or so. Presented in an official Large Size PCGS Slab Graded AU58, the certificate is also signed by Bob Evens, Chief Scientist of the expedition that recovered the treasure and contains tiny gold nuggets and gold dust recovered from the wreck of the SS Central America.

Graded by PCGS and is covered by their guarantee of grade and authenticity for life.

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